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Thanks, Internet: Canada’s most hideous musical matchup

It finally happened. 

It’s what Canadians everywhere were nervously anticipating, hunched over the last remnants of our rich and storied culture of music. It took a big hit when Gordon Lightfoot creaked to his infinitely small stage, only to be brutally demolished by the sheer stage size and presence of the Biebs and Carly Rae performances. Though we all know we were cheering for Gordon, it was a fitting comment on the state of our national arts image: throwing gorgeous, thick substance under the bubblegum pop, leather onesie-wearing bus.

But now, just as most of us were picking up the pieces of our shattered ego, hoping that eventually, one day, the rest of the world might see Canadian music for what it really is (best in the underground, the dim-lit bars, the rusty dives), Chavril might have dealt us the final death blow.

Though we can speculate about how horrible their children could potentially be, the fear was far off. Much worse was the idea of them collaborating musically. And that has been done, in a way.

Avril Lavigne just buried deep into my ear like a spider, and chewed all the good parts away with her cover of Nickelback’s infamous “How You Remind Me.”

Here is my review:

sorry Chavril 🙁

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