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Thanks, Internet: Cards Against Humanity helps Wikimedia

This is about as literal as Thanks, Internet can get. Earlier this month, Cards against Humanity, everyone’s favourite politically incorrect party game, released thousands of pay-what-you-want holiday sets. The sets didn’t cost much to make, and the promotion was such a success that they ended up with over $70,000 in profit. But when you have that much money all at once, what exactly do you spend it on?

Well, they released an infographic detailing what they did, all the money figures and charts about sales, and then figured out a whole bunch of things they could spend the cash on. For example, how many condoms do you think $70,000 can buy? It’s a lot. Also, have you ever wondered what 5.8 million crickets would sound like? If you said yes, that is an incredibly bizarre, but very interesting thing about yourself. I wouldn’t recommend using it as an icebreaker on a first date, though. By the way, the sound of 5.8 million crickets seems absolutely terrifying. And apparently it very much would be.

But instead, they did a very sweet holiday thing and donated it all to the Wikimedia Foundation, which runs Wikipedia. Without which, I wouldn’t know so much about the Kennedy family. They actually thanked the internet. With money. Like an uncle who doesn’t know what to get you for Christmas.

Go over to their holiday stats page and check out the infographic.

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