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Thanks, Internet: Craigslist does the apocalypse dance

So, most of us have heard that there are people out there who are worried very much about the whole Mayan calendar, end-of-the-world thing. While it seems far-fetched (we already posted the NASA video explaining why it won’t happen), it does bring up a very important question: what happens to all those lonely people out there? Can they find someone before the world ends? Hopefully to cuddle, whisper sweet nothings into their ears, and then ravage each other until Earth meets its fiery demise?

It seems very likely that if you couldn’t get laid before the world ends, then you could be shit out of luck with precious little time left. But people have flocked to Craigslist, hoping to find that one person in the whole world who is as lonely as them to ride it out with (see what I did there?). I think it could be cheaper and less of a jarring experience than just buying a cat and being nice to it, but I also expect to wake up tomorrow, so who cares what I think?

With a multitude of ads to choose from, BuzzFeed compiled the best ones, from a dude looking for some girl who is “metal as f” to another who apparently has a safe zone in Death Valley. They are all at once amusing, sad, lonely, and optimistic, but hey, if the world doesn’t end tomorrow (remember, it’s not going to), at least they have a little more time to seal the deal.

Can’t wait to see how many babies are born 9 months from tomorrow. We’re thinking of starting an over/under pool here at the Spectator. I’m projecting anywhere between a lot and completely ludicrous.