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Thanks, Internet: Reddit launches a music career

Lily and Madeleine are 15 and 18-years-old, respectively. They won’t play their first actual live show until Feb. 9, which they announced less than a week ago. But that show is sold out already, and a second one has been added due to popular demand.

So who are they? I don’t know. Teenage girls, from the look of it. As in, they look like teenage girls, and they actually are. But that’s about all anyone knows about them right now, except for the fact that they are making some damn good music. And who knows who might’ve heard that music if it had not been for one of their neighbours, a Redditor, who posted a couple of their videos earlier today on the “front page of the Internet.” They can literally say, “Thanks, Internet,” and mean it, and they should.

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Maybe they would’ve toiled in obscurity. Maybe not. Maybe they still will. After all, hype is the great killer of bands. Remember Black Kids? And who talks about Odd Future anymore (Granted, I heard a new Earl Sweatshirt track the other day that wasn’t bad). It was like they were the saviours of hip-hop as soon as they demolished the set of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, then everyone got bored of their shit.

Hopefully that isn’t the case, because whether or not you want to cheer against hype bands, it’s still kind of a bummer when they don’t reach their potential. And judging from the two videos that have been posted (“In The Middle” and “Back to the River”), these two songwriters from Indianapolis have lots of potential.

Both songs (at least in the videos) are pretty sparse – limited to just piano or acoustic – but the really beautiful part of them are the sisters’ voices and melodies. Once again, someone has gone and proven that you don’t need an orchestra to make gorgeous music: sometimes the simplest songs are the most stunning.

If I had to describe it, I’d say it’s a bit like old Cat Power filtered through a nostalgic scene from an episode of Six Feet Under. If you like it, you can go here to buy their EP, The Weight of the Globe.

Matt Williams is a Winnipeg-based writer and musician. Follow him on Twitter @WaterInHell .

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