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Thanks, Internet: The best fails of 2012

The holidays are over. All those feel-good, hugs-and-kisses, full-of-turkey memories are but a distant flicker of light on the dim, dim sea of a freezing cold January on the open Prairies. If it hasn’t already, seasonal depression is sure to kick in soon, or at least get worse. It doesn’t help that you likely went back to school or work today, either. Maybe you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas. Maybe what you wanted was too intangible (love, friends, a sense of accomplishment or purpose in life) for someone to offer. But you know what just might make all that better?

A healthy dose of Schadenfreude.

Fail Army compiled a 15+ minute video of all the best kicks to the head, falling on faces, flips gone wrong, animal follies, and more of the past year. There’s just something tingly about the feeling you get when you watch someone get mud spit on them by an elephant, or someone run very hard and fast into a door. It’s like settling down in front of a fireplace on a bearskin rug with a glass of egg nog. Except instead of that, maybe you’re in your old housecoat with nothing underneath, unshaven in front of your computer cradling a glass of whatever hangover cure you need and doing spit-takes because of some dude breakdancing kicking a child in the face.

Regardless, there’s something for everyone here. So instead of feeling bad for yourself now that real life has come hurtling back toward you, watch some other people get hurt and put that smile back on your face.

Matt Williams is a Winnipeg-based writer and musician. Follow him on Twitter @WaterInHell .

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