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Thanks, Internet: The Walking Dead zombie infographic

The Walking Dead has been a massive success for AMC, and its third season is probably the best one yet. But there are a lot of statistics people are wanting to know about: how many poor, poor zombies have been killed? What is the number one weapon on the show? How do the total numbers of dead zombies stack up? (pun intended)

Thankfully, the National Post‘s Richard Johnson and Andrew Barr did all the heavy lifting for those of us wanting the info. In this very cool infographic, you can check out all that stuff and more. And, they aren’t just drawings of generic zombies – there are drawings of the actual super gross ones from the show! Like the ones missing half of their body and stuff. It’s wonderful.

The image is waaaay too big to post on here, so feast, zombie lovers, over at the National Post‘s “The Stopped Dead.”