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Thanks, Internet: What Seinfeld might be like today

What would Seinfeld be like if it had been filled with social networking apps, food sensitivities, and streaming TV websites? The series was far gone by the time Facebook, Twitter, and smartphones came around, and the argument has been made that many of the gaffes that made for such good TV could’ve been solved by the characters having cellphones. But just as cellphones could potentially fix some things, they also create other problems – like the downfalls of Skype, or tweeting naked photos.

The Twitter feed was started by BuzzFeed sports editor Jack Moore, and it already has around 43,000 followers (as of right this second) and that number is climbing fast. It’s also only been around for about one day, so try to wrap your head around that, those of you seeking Internet fame.

It’s pretty funny to imagine your old favourite characters going through all this stuff, but what if Seinfeld got a younger, hip Millennial version? There’s a good chance it would seem tragically pathetic, full of complaints about social networking and gluten-sensitivities. But then again, the characters of Seinfeld were loveable because they were pathetic. So who knows? Maybe it’d work.

To check it out, follow @SeinfeldToday.

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