The Founders: Jeanne Coëffé

Here is what I know about fashion: Nothing. This lady knows far more, thankfully and has gotten involved in helping bring the latest small volume (is that the right terminology?) fashion designers to people who want something a little different. This is an excellent example of how a good idea can be turned into a successful small business, utilizing the creativity of designers and the power of the internet. The power of the internet….bringing you tomorrow’s fashions, TODAY! And, yes, I did use to write commercials.

“Gloobbi’s ongoing series “The Founders” aims to give an insight into emerging entrepreneurial minds and their impressive business projects. For this latest installment, we met with the founder of Mondéfilé, Jeanne Coëffé, who saw an opportunity to highlight emerging designers and provide a bespoke, boutique-style shopping experience for women looking for something different than the mainstream brands in fashion.”