The Manic Pixie Dream Prostitute

Garden State might not have started the fascination with Manic Pixie Dream Girls, but it sure didn’t do anything to quell it. Now the ‘Peter Pan Generation’ is filled with more man-boys than ever before, just waiting for a girl in a polka dot dress and a history of mental instability to whisk them away on what can only be a short-lived, ill-advised adventure of a ‘relationship.’ But now, you don’t have to spend countless hours racking your brain over cute but cryptic love notes: you can buy the experience for just a short time.

This video goes into a different sort of fantasy that you can pay a prostitute for. A fantasy filled with Moldy Peaches sing-a-longs, ‘unconventional beauty,’ and life-changing kisses in the rain.

Now, stop listening to that Shins song (really? You’re still listening to that?) and check out the video.