The Sprawl

I love cities. I love exploring cities. We have built a fascinating world around us. I almost feel like I must explore them, that it is a duty to wander, take pictures, look up, look down, look far and near at what we have made. From plaster, bricks, mortar, steal, fabric, glass, asphalt, wood, space and light, we have created a place where we live, work, eat, sleep, play and grow. Urban areas are works of art unto themselves. Therefore, I love this film by Tom German.

“The Sprawl is an experimental documentary, it draws attention to the overlooked spaces within our cities. During the day, we coast through them oblovious to the underlying beauty. By night, when we arnt inhabiting these spaces, they become these desolate urban deserts. Exploring texture, pattern and light, The Sprawl documents the elements we all miss during our daily lives and focuses your attention more deeply into the spaces we inhabit.

Soundtrack – heatheredpearls.bandcamp.com/album/leveling