The Temporal City

I must confess, I have yet to make it to the Frame Arts Warehouse in Winnipeg. I’ve been meaning to go now for months. It just seems like a very cool place to go, and a great space to be in. Yet, it is a place and space I have not found myself in to the point. Why? Good question! I must go!

Amy Simoes created this short video, and she seems to have quite the resume. This is the bio on her blog:

“Amy Simoes, an actress of eight years, came to Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology to pursue broadcast journalism. Looking for more stability in the entertainment field, she decided it was time to trade in her scripts for newspapers. This blog will document her progression and growth. Each week Amy will document as she studies media production, radio broadcast, writers craft, journalism, creative writing, electronic layout and design, advertising, and public relations. As an added twist, she also fire dances on the side as Amy Blaze! This blog is intended to inspire and open windows for other actors, artists, and dreamers struggling in the arts.”

You can check out Amy’s blog at amysimoes.com.