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Top 10 obscure places in Winnipeg

Every city has them. Those little places that only a select number of people know about, and that are a tad off the map. They are some of the hidden gems that make a city an experience, a place to explore and a place to call home:

1: Park behind Banana Boat: Tucked away at the end of a short street, behind the Banana Boat ice cream stand on Osborne is a tiny park. It’s slightly unkempt, but a perfect little place to eat your ice cream. It is surrounded by short hiking paths through the bush along the side of the river. Far more rustic and natural than the paved walks near the forks, this is a touch of raw nature right in the city.

2: Bishop Velychkovsky Martyr’s Shrine: A piece of Russian/Canadian history lies with this shrine which makes it a worthy visit. “This is Canada’s second martyr’s shrine. The beautiful chapel contains the relics (mortal remains) of the Ukrainian Catholic martyr, Blessed Vasyl Velychkovsky.”,profile/01554/bishop-velychkovsky-martyr-s-shrine

3: Book section of Goodwill in Exchange District: Tucked away at the back of the Goodwill Store in an old building in the Exchange District is a library of old, used books. It might be one of the largest thrift store collections in the city, but that’s just a guess.

4: Cornish Library: Settled in a rather odd location kitty corner to the Misrecordia hospital, behind a wall. This beautiful historic library, famed for being one of two Carnegie Foundation libraries in the city, doesn’t have the largest collection, but it makes up for it in atmosphere. Old, dark wood, a beautiful fireplace, warm earthy colours, and walls that have seen 100 yrs of Winnipeg history make it a lovely place to hang out.

5: New York Burgers: Home of the best fries in town? According to a survey in the Winnipeg Sun, this is so. How can you go wrong with the best fries in town? You can’t. This is local fast food at it’s finest, enjoyed by burger and fry lovers across the city.

6: Manitoba Basketball Hall of Fame:  When you think Manitoba, what is the first thing that crosses your mind? Right, NOT basketball. Hockey, sure. Curling, yes. Football, okay. Basketball? Probably not. But this museum at the University of Winnipeg may change your mind. “It was established at its present site in 2001 and chronicles and showcases the glorious history of basketball at all levels in the province of Manitoba.” Glorious? Glorious!!!,profile/04194/manitoba-basketball-hall-of-fame

7:Habitat for Humanity ReStore:  The website says it best, so here you go, “The Habitat for Humanity Manitoba ReStore was the first of its kind, anywhere. There are now 65 ReStores in Canada and 750 across the United States. The ReStore receives new and used building materials generously donated by manufacturers, retailers, contractors and homeowners and resells them to the general public at greatly reduced prices.” ReStore is a valuable asset to any community and it started right here in Winnipeg.

8: Goodies Bakery:  Although not too obscure, this must go on a list that features treasures and gems in the community. It started out as a small bakery in 1984 and has grown, catering to (apparently) places all across Canada. With the tremendously delicious baking they create, it only makes sense.

9: Witch’s Hut: Deep in the dark woods of Kaldonian Park is the Witch’s Hut. “Since its opening in 1970, the Witch’s Hut has been visited by thousands of people.  It is also a favourite object for photographers and the site of the Fairy Tales Festival.   It was a Centennial Project of the German Community of Manitoba and a gift to the children of the Province.” There is even a Witch who reads stories to kids from Wednesdays to Saturdays in the afternoon.  You can’t go wrong with this gem!

10: Manitoba Electrical Museum and Education Center: “Learn the story of hydroelectric development in Manitoba from 1870 to today.”  This museum, run by Manitoba Hydro sounds electrifying and should spark your interest.