Troyd Geist, North Dakota state folklorist

North Dakota has a state folklorist? Who knew? It sounds like their are some interesting traditions, stories and traditional arts and crafts being researched, documented and preserved in North Dakota. It is absolutely wonderful to see the past being kept alive!

“At this year’s North Dakota statewide arts conference, ARTSpulse caught up with Troyd Geist, the state’s folklorist, and had him briefly discuss the incredible work he does. He is employed by the state through the North Dakota Council on the Arts to document and preserve the state’s many folk traditions and encourage new practitioners of those traditions through apprenticeship. Geist also creates learning materials from his work and assisted in the publication of ‘Sundogs and Sunflowers: Folklore and Folk Art of the Northern Great Plains.’ On top of all of that, he tells amazing stories about the people he’s met from all corners of the state.”