Brand New IDEO Boston: Rift

Have you ever seen a video and had no idea what you were actually looking at? And then, when you read the description underneath, not only did it not clear up what was going on but it made it more confusing? I have never experienced that….until now. I honestly have no clue what is going on in this video. There is a speaker. There is a logo. There is some kind of mixture that is on a speaker that is turning all foamy. There is a guy staring at it. I’m lost.


“Rolling with the idea of creating intent over presence, we decided to create an experiment that we’ve been running simultaneously with two current clients. One client is based in sound and the other is focused on quantified self and a mind monitoring device. We mixed up a batch of non-Newtonian fluid (corn starch and water) and put it on a speaker. Then, we used the mind monitoring software to create sound based on our level of focus.

The idea here was to take the inherent structural nature of the existing IDEO logo, and dematerialize it into something more organic. The experiment becomes a physical metaphor of intent over presence and an illustration of how, when we combine the things that we learn from two completely different projects we can create new and interesting solutions. —Nick Dupey

Experiment by: The Melons, Todd Vanderlin (creative technologist), Greg Wolos (engineer), Matt Brown (industrial design), Nick DuPey (communication design), Danny Deruntz (interaction design)”


Find out more at sixthemes.tumblr.com/?sixthemes. I mean, find out more if you can understand what they are writing about on this site. It is going to take a while for me to be able to comprehend what this whole thing is about.