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Calgary’s homeless get homes, Saskatchewan student unions realizes need to de-stress, Edmonton Food Bank receives donation, and a “Giving” Manitoba.


Unknown-1 A lot of Calgary’s homeless to be off the street in 2013

The provincial government has made a $60 million dollar commitment to agencies across Alberta that offer help to the homeless. Over the next few weeks, nine social service organizations across Calgary will receive funding; $12.5 million from the province plus another $2 million from Alberta Health Services.  This funding is a result of the success of long-term initiatives aimed at reducing homelessness.

At least 320 people will benefit from the money coming in from the province and Alberta health Services.



Unknown-2Saskatchewan student unions realize need for puppy rooms

The mental stress for today’s university students can be rough, and what better way to de-stress than puppies. After Halifax’s Dalhousie University recently went to the dogs with the implementing of puppy rooms during exam time, the University of Regina is thinking they should follow suit in the New Year. The puppy rooms are a place where students can cuddle and play with puppies from the humane society during their exam period.

“I think what’s changed is the actual overall look at exams. Students right now will just seclude themselves in a little corner of the library and study hard, kind of like hibernation,” said student union president Nathan Sgrazzutti.  It would be nice to have a place where people can just like de-stress, skate around. That was a big thing for me, when I was stressed I went skating when I was younger.”



Unknown-3 Organic grocery store owners Danny and Miranda Turner

‘Tis the season to give, and Danny and Miranda Turner of The Organic Box are doing just that. The Organic Box was started in May 2010 as way to reconnect with one’s food source and support local producers, enabling people to eat healthier. The owners of the organic home-delivery grocery store are expanding their food donation program for the holidays and are putting together 100 food hampers for the Edmonton Food Bank.

The efforts are also being fuelled by many local producers such as SunDog who are contributing carrots and onions, and Noble Spuds Meadowcreek Farms who have well, kicked in the spuds. There has also been milk donated from Rock Ridge Dairy, pumpkin from Just a Mere Farm, and beets from Peas on Earth. Topping off the hampers, The Organic Box piles on a myriad of organic fruits and greens.



images Manitoba named most giving province

Whether it is giving change to make an effect, or giving time to affect change, Manitobans take the title for the most giving in all the land for the 14th year running. According to conservative think tank Fraser Institute, out of all Canadians donating to charity, Manitoba has been declared the most generous, based on tax returns from 2010.

Calvary Temple’s Pastor Bruce Martin says that giving to strangers is a learned behavior, in today’s humanity there is a selfishness that leaves a lot of people only worrying about themselves.

“I think Manitobans have learned to be content to not be the wealthiest and they’re in it for the long haul,” said Martin, who pointed out anonymous giving in his own church has increased by about $10,000 this year.

A lot of Winnipeggers find it no surprise that Manitoba has held the title as long as they have including Kate Brenner, the director of development at Winnipeg Harvest. She says they set a strong pace with feeding the need to give this year. Over $2 million dollars and 12 million pounds of food were donated, which equals, 64,000 meals a month.

“Manitobans are not only friendly, but incredibly philanthropic in giving of their time and dollars,” she said. “People here relate to the issues and they genuinely care.”

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