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Thanks, Internet: 2012’s most important cats

For a while now, it’s been common knowledge that the currency of the internet is the cat – cute ones, dumb ones, angry ones, you name it. We rarely go a day without seeing someone post some goofy cat video somewhere, or have a cat meme blow up your Facebook feed. For all we know, we’ve been going on unsuspecting of felines for too long now, and they’re slowly getting the pieces in place to take over the world. And then society as we know it will crumble, and we, once naïvely considered masters, will become the slaves.

Here is one of their leaders.

Or there’s always the chance that the regular Internet user and a majority of humans are attracted to cute, fuzzy things.

Sometimes those cute, fuzzy things love you back!

So now, akin to the Academy Awards or the Nobel Peace Prize, BuzzFeed has assembled a list of the 30 Most Important Cats of 2012 (or, as I like to call them, MVC’s). All the favourites are here, as well as some more obscure ones (which makes this list better than all the Grammy Award shows already). Grumpy Cat, Shishi-Maru, and Restraining Cat are all here. Then there are some I’ve never heard of, such as “Cat who is plotting something evil” and “The cat who is best friends with a grandma.” Whether your taste in cats is more mainstream or leaning a little towards the underground, indie cat movement, there is something here for everyone.

Who wouldn’t love to see that?

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