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Star Wars: A Life Galactic

So, since Disney bought Lucasfilm and told everyone there would be more Star Wars movies, people have been speculating about who will write them. For Star Wars geeks, there are multitudes of annoyances – why do we need more movies when the original canon is just fine? What will the story even be about? Will Disney ruin Star Wars?

Too late. Didn’t you see Episode I?

But there may be one man who could save us. The Luke Skywalker of gingham. The leader of the Rebel Alliance of twee. A true Jedi when it comes to pants that aren’t long enough by just a little bit.

Yes, that’d be Wes Anderson. And Conan has put out a trailer featuring just what that might look like, with a recreation of the famous Mos Eisley cantina scene from A New Hope.

One big highlight is Boba Fett donning a team Zissou toque. May the twee be with you.