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‘The Priestly’

Many things seen on television these days are presented with the warning “do not try this at home” — if not actually, it’s at least known in the back of our minds. If the caveat wasn’t said, everyone would be making money selling meth out of an RV or starting motorcycle clubs that illegally import weapons.

Every now and then, however, an episode of our favourite show might inspire us to change our perspectives or do something special. It’s even more rare when a show can arouse the imaginations of an entire country.

Well, this weeks episode of How I Met Your Mother has done just that. In a cameo appearance, Canadian celebrity Jason Priestly remembers what Tim Hortons snack he was eating the night “Robin Sparkles” had a mental breakdown performing at the Grey Cup — a timbit crammed inside a strawberry-vanilla doughnut.

Since the episode, Tim Hortons has revealed on Twitter what such a treat would look like.

As seen here:

The doughnut has been dubbed “The Priestly” and has been receiving craving praises. And it’s all thanks can be given to a beloved sitcom.