Weather Report: This guy says we are getting SNOW! He is right.

Tonight’s weather, brought to you by a guy in Sydney, NS. And you know what, as I write this and watch his video, he’s spot on!

I present this video to you a bit blindly. I do not know who this man is. I do not know his story. I do not wish to use any forum to create a situation where someone will be belittled or ridiculed for any reason. I do wish to present someone who is passionate about making videos. Whether he is being somewhat of an actor and portraying a character he has developed, or if he is just a person who enjoys the outlet that YouTube offers is unknown to me. What I do know is that he has provided a good weather report, with passion, that is correct, even though he is doing it from several thousand kilometers away.

With that said, it is a snowy, snowy night out there as a write this and I cannot WAIT until March goes out like a lamb. The lion is wearing out his welcome. And I appreciate this man’s advice.