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We’re totally giving away free TV!

Netflix tells us that watching movies is amongst the top five holiday traditions in Canada, which seems obvious, but now we have statistics that confirm it (47 per cent of those surveyed! 58 per cent if there are kids in the house!). The only four activities that were ahead of it were: drinking, seasonal depression, over-eating, and, of course, shinny (which is synonymous with drinking, anyway).

So, in the spirit of sitting around and doing nothing, pawing away at popcorn scraps with dear mum and dad, while you all secretly curse whoever decided to watch that movie, we’re teaming up with Netflix to give away a one-year subscription and Apple TV. The only catch is, you have to sign up for our weekly newsletter! Which is a great deal because, in fact, reading e-newsletters around the fire with your family is the sixth top Canadian holiday tradition. It’s like doing a civic duty. Or saving Christmas. Or whatever.

If you don’t have anyone to share it with, don’t fret! You’ll probably have a much better time watching exactly what you want and not having to argue with anyone about it. But you will be alone. Unless you own a really great cat.

You only need one e-mail address to win. Sign up today! It’s on the right side of the home page!